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Birthdate:May 20


Full Name: Penny
Age: Twenty-eight (deceased)
Birthday: May 20, 1979
Height: 5'4"
Languages: English
Home World: Los Angeles, CA (Earth, 2008)
Occupation: Volunteer, petitioner, general do-gooder, love interest
Permissions: If your character is psychically inclined, can tell whether or not citizens are dead, or has any other powers along those lines, feel free to have them pick up on what they will about Penny. I'd appreciate a quick OOC note, but no advanced notice is necessary!

In a Nutshell: Penny is a sweet, good-natured young woman who is endlessly giving of her time and relentlessly optimistic. She's determined to save the world... or at least make it a better place. Although she champions a number of causes, she focuses most of her time and attention on the homeless and other unfortunates.

Penny is eager to befriend anyone who looks like they need a friend (although she's a bit timid and shy, which makes things difficult) and firmly believes that everyone is essentially good at heart. Her tragic past, unfortunate love life, and horrific death have done nothing to dissuade her from being positive, but, like most people, Penny has her ups and downs. Unlike most people, she's really, really good at hiding those downs.


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[plurk]: cheatreality
Time zone: US Eastern

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